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  • Evolution to Photographer

    Evolution to Photographer

      My evolution to photographer was not linear. I did not go to school for photography.  I did not follow a pre-determined path.  I just knew from a very young age that I LIKED it.  It was fun.  And I went about my way getting business degrees and working the corporate lifestyle, snapping pictures along the…

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  • When Creativity Collides

    When Creativity Collides

    I didn’t have a plan when I walked into Alicia’s studio that morning and it felt good to be free of worry for a specific outcome.   Alicia was already there and warming up when we arrived so I pulled out the camera and began my warm up too.   Examining the lighting, changing my settings,…

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  • A Community of Wishes

    A Community of Wishes

    Back in January, two of my completely separate worlds collided and the impact shifted something profound inside of me.   It all started when, with wet paintbrushes in hand, I walked back into the art room at my children’s school to clean up from a volunteer project I had been working on.  At the side…

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  • Strength and Beauty

    Strength and Beauty

    Every year, around the end of March in the state of Texas, the bluebonnets start popping up.  On the sides of the highways, in state parks, in wide open fields.  They grow everywhere. It’s become one of our family traditions to go out and wander through the fields.  Naturally, I always remember to bring my camera…

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  • Jar of Inspiration

    Jar of Inspiration

    I was feeling stuck in a rut with my photography work.  I was taking out my camera like I was supposed to but it felt like I was just going through the motions. I went wandering, snapping shots here and there, trying to conjure up some inspiration and I was getting some shots that I…

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