On The Fence:

Capturing both the beautiful and the tragic, I photograph moments of plastic caught on barbed wire. Like performance art gone wrong, I couldn’t stop watching the flapping and gyrating sections as they caught the sunlight. It is both beautiful and disturbing. It captivated me in a way that I had not expected and it struck me how many more examples of this same phenomenon I saw, coordinated in their dance even though they were trapped in place.  Over the years, my fascination with this unexpected choreography has only continued and I’ve collected thousands of photos and thousands of shreds of plastic along roadsides and highways.  In my series, I want my viewers to experience the same sensation that I did: a feeling of both wonder and unease as they move from one image to the next.


Angela House Documentary:

Once a week for 5 years, I taught a photography class at a facility called Angela House.  The residents are all women who have been directly released from prison and they are in the process of changing the course of their lives.  With this documentary project, I’m attempting to shed some light on the work that Angela House does for this underserved Houston population and bring awareness to the everyday struggles and victories that take place within their community.


I have an unlikely superpower.  I find nails and screws in the street every time I go out for a walk.  When I pick them up, I feel that in some small way, I’m helping to save the world- one flat tire at a time.  This project, which I feel everyone can related to, allowed me to catalog my findings over the course of several months.  As a nod to the scientific world and a joke among friends, I have meticulously labeled the specimens according to the date they were discovered.


It’s easy to get distracted.  We are bombarded with constantly refreshing news feeds, status updates and information overload.  It’s hard to stay in the moment.  Texts, emails, breaking stories, entertainment – all screaming for our attention.   The giant TV is the figurative elephant in the room; the topic that demands our attention.  It’s the symbol of all the things we choose to do instead of being engaged in the activity at hand.  We distract ourselves to put off what we don’t want to do.  We get distracted from what we do want to do. The draw of our devices and the fear of being left out are powerful motivators.  What is so important that we can’t put them down?